The best tips for social media growth

Introduction to Social Media Growth Tips

Most owners of small to medium-sized businesses are aware of social media. You’ve realized it allows you to learn about your customers, to reach a wider audience, and to increase engagement with your followers. Creating social media growth for your business is another challenge completely.

But here at Clavis, where our goal is to #MakeSocialSimple, we want to be sure you know exactly how social media will continue to benefit you in the future. By concentrating on the following three key social media growth areas, you’ll begin to understand just how social media can help you continue to grow your business for years to come.

Social Media Growth: Growing Your Brand By Noticing Your Numbers

When it comes to marketing your business, social media can help you to both establish your brand and increase its visibility. But in order to do so, it is essential to get to know your audience.

Many of the social platforms you’re likely already using offer free analytical tools that, when used properly, will help you understand your customer base. Your business’s Facebook page tracks likes, post reach, engagement, and more and  Twitter provides business analytics. And, as long as your company has a business account on the platform, Instagram Insights grants you access to data that goes beyond your posts’ reach: you can learn which actions were taken on your post or track profile visits and followers (among other analytics).

These tools will help you understand the who, the what, and the where of your audience, allowing you to post more effectively (why schedule a post for midnight, when you’ve yet to reach followers who click through at that time?). Once you become familiar with these tools, you might try diving deeper: if you run a contest or special promotion, you can review who clicked through during that week, determine what images or languages compelled your followers to do so, and tailor your next campaign to provide more of the same.

Social Media Growth: Growing Your Reach, Effectively

In 2019, an ODM Group study found that 74% of consumers rely on social networks to help with their purchasing decisions. Given the continued rise of social platforms (projected 25% annual growth over the next 5 years) it seems highly unlikely that this number will decrease anytime soon.

Implementing an effective social media strategy is a low-cost way to increase your conversion rate, and we at Clavis are constantly on the lookout for tips and tricks for social media growth.

By generating quality content that is both pertinent to your business and incorporates up-to-date information on trends, you will attract a larger number of followers. The higher the number of followers with active engagement, the more likely it is that your brand will be viewed as trustworthy. And if your brand is considered trustworthy, the consumers consulting social media before purchasing will be more likely to buy your product or service.

Social Media Growth: Growing Brand Loyalty Through Customer Engagement

Those consumers checking comments and reviews before buying? That’s not all they do. According to How Social Media Can Help Businesses Win Loyal Customers by The Manifest, 74% of consumers follow brands on social media and 96% of these consumers interact on social media with the brands they follow.

By being present on social media, your business signals not only its availability, but also its willingness to interact with its audience. If you are able to send personalized replies, or quickly respond to your customers’ needs, your followers will notice. In turn, that engagement can lead to brand loyalty; a tailored social media strategy can convert your followers into loyal consumers.

These consumers might even become advocates for your company, doing your work for you in the form of shares, retweets or stand-alone posts highlighting how much they love your brand.

At Clavis, we promote the idea of making social simple; however, our second tagline may as well be #MakeSocialUnderstable. Social media directly impacts the results of your business, but understanding the “how” and “why” of that impact will determine the success of those results.

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