Your Social Media Team – Meet the Clavis Founders

Clavis Social was born in the kitchen of a downtown Toronto condo in 2018. It all began with a conversation between Nick Farnborough and Sonja Missio when they noticed a really good company online, that unfortunately fell short in the social media department. 

What started as a casual brainstorm of what the two would do to help the company, evolved into numerous storyboards, Google Docs, and notebooks full of ideas, methods, and how-tos.

Humble Beginnings

It was well into the evening when they realized that they had something here. All they needed was a name, a logo, a website, a business plan, and a half a million other things in order to launch a company to save other companies from online pitfalls. 

And so began the origin story of Clavis Social, an online social agency whose mission is to empower clients, while providing an affordable alternative to an in-house marketing and social media team.

Your social media team - Sonja Missio behind the camera

About the Founders

Sonja Missio and Nick Farnborough Clavis Founders

Run by partners with two decades worth of experience between them, Clavis Social is a structured, yet creative, digital agency. That’s because its founders, Nick and Sonja, have two very different working styles that both contrast and complement each other. 

Nick is by-the-book, studious, and reads the instructions in full. He takes advice, believes in a hierarchy of learning, and is on a constantly evolving path of self-improvement. Sonja, on the other hand, is less by-the-book, but still pretty smart. As a published, award-nominated writer, she relies on her shamelessness and wits and her abilities to get the best out of other people.

Life outside of Clavis

Together, Nick and Sonja combine their analytical and creative skills to help companies maximize their online potential. If you would like to find out how they can help your company’s marketing and social media, schedule a free discovery call with Nick or Sonja here.

Of course, Nick and Sonja aren’t just about work and believe in a healthy work/life balance; on days off, Nick plays soccer (football) in the OSL and Sonja practices yoga and runs. Together, they both can be found playing with the office dog, Francis (but you can call him Frank) or cheering on their beloved Toronto FC from the southend.

Nick Farnborough Clavis Founder

Alert: Scammers are using the Clavis name to target people offering remote jobs paid in cryptocurrency. Clavis would never hire someone via text message or pay in cryptocurrency. Please double check the url for any correspondence.