Yup, it’s a blog. A collection of tips, tricks and resources to ignite your social channels and drive results for your business.


Building up and sustaining social media channels while running your business is no easy task. Kind of like trying to break into Fort Knox with a plastic fork. Probably not gonna happen, unless you’re really crafty (in which case, please let us know immediately).

This blog has one purpose – to provide value to you. Whether you’re already a client, or just need some pointers on how to jazz up your social feeds, this is the place for you. Amongst other nuggets, you’ll find a smattering of the following!

Happy reading!


Blogging is one of the hottest social media trends going. That’s right – no longer is blogging considered the pastime of cretinous basement dwellers who shrivel at the mere thought of daylight. Instead, having an engaging, well-written blog is considered a key plank of a successful web presence.

Why? Because blogging can drive traffic to your website and help convert leads into customers, amongst many other reasons. Clavis offers monthly copywriting services that can boost your business in this regard. Our team contributes blog posts for the Clavis blog, and seasoned guest bloggers also contribute as well.

So get in on blogging, a vital online best practice that can be a huge boost to your business!