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Autoglym makes their passion for perfection clear through their line of premium car care products. Their experts have been creating innovative car cleaning solutions since 1965. From reviving dull paintwork or restoring tired looking tires, Autoglym has the right car cleaning essentials.


Clavis works as the Autoglym Canada marketing agency, in tandem with the UK offices.

Date: since 2021

Services: Digital Strategy | Social Media Management | Digital Advertising | Content Creation


While having products in numerous countries, Autoglym is primarily located in the UK. Autoglym needed a Canada-based agency to cater to a unique Canadian audience, focusing on localized content on multiple platforms. Additionally, Autoglym needed more regional data-based information, including social media analytics and reporting. 

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Clavis and Autoglym partnered to grow their Canadian audience. Clavis provides a dedicated team to support Autoglym in growing its online presence and communities using a variety of marketing services. This includes social media management, digital advertising for their Canadian Tire products, and monthly photo and videoshoots to strengthen the brand across Canada. 



Custom-made Instagram Reel views in under one year, with an average of 2K+ views per Reel


Original pieces of content posted with varied focus: products, UGC, giveaways, instructional videos, and more


Cost reduction of CPM ($2.26 compared to $9.22 during the previous year). During the same period, the cost per link click reduced from $0.43 to $0.33


Increased of followers across all social media platforms