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Sinai Live -
Mount Sinai Hospital

Mount Sinai Hospital is a research hospital in downtown Toronto, located on University Avenue. The hospital is part of Sinai Health System, which serves patients by integrating acute, complex chronic care, rehabilitative care with primary and community-based care.

Date: 2020

Services: Online Event Consulting | Twitch/Gaming Strategy | Production Support | Event Moderation

We exceeded our fundraising goal in a new to Sinai fundraising platform, gained new donors and significantly increased awareness of Sinai Health. Workflow was seamless; we worked remotely with teams that had (for the most part) not met in person.. We were operating with tight and changing deadlines and Clavis was able to pivot and provide valuable insight each time.

Sinai Health Foundation


The Challenge

In response to COVID-19, Sinai Health needed to move all their fundraising events online. To prove this as a viable concept, the hospital needed an inaugural online event to test virtual event feasibility. 

While Sinai Health had done online fundraising in the past, they had never put on a streaming event at this scale. As an added set of challenges, the event needed to be created and executed in under a month, while being coordinated entirely remotely due to the pandemic.

The Solution

Clavis Social proposed an online event to raise funds for the hospital’s front-line workers. The event took shape as an 11-hour live stream held on Twitch, showcasing celebrities, athletes, politicians, and gamers.

Clavis helped with the setup, talent procurement, and execution of the event. In total, Sinai Live raised just shy of $65,000.

Additionally, Clavis joined forces with Deloitte Canada and launched Champions of Sinai. Running in tandem with Twitch, the website acted as a peer-to-peer streaming site to facilitate donations.



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