case study

The Logit Group

For over 20 years, The Logit Group has been a leader among data collection firms, committed to developing and administrating industry-best technologies. Logit specializes in data collection and market research with ten locations across the world.

Date: 2018 – 2020

Services: Digital Strategy | Social Media Management | Copywriting | Email Marketing 


The Logit Group had minimal presence on social media, but in order to stay competitive within the industry, they knew they had to devote more attention to their digital profiles. Social media has become a key component for growth in the industry.

Logit recognized this, but did not know how to make their online mark. Market Research is a competitive sector where every edge counts, a successful online presence included.


Clavis built Logit’s digital strategy, defining the company clearly and creatively to its target audience, while optimizing the strategy for each platform. On the heels of Logit’s new organic social growth, Clavis implemented persuasive email marketing and paid ad campaigns, as well as technical and non-technical long-form content, to further boost online presence.

Additionally, Clavis also created a corporate social media playbook, as well as organizing a group of power users, to become in-office digital champions.



Average monthly organic impressions


Individual and custom content pieces created (and 15 original content themes created)


Increase in conference-based engagement


Year-Over-Year social media growth