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Sometimes, you aren’t quite sure what your business needs. We get it. Why not try our pay-as-you-go marketing solution?

With Clavis Credits, you can buy our time and expertise for any amount of hours, to use for any service you’ll need.

Unlock the Clavis vault and get access to dozens of digital marketing services.


With Clavis Credits, you are in control! For example, use ten custom digital marketing package credits to buy ten hours of our time to write a series of blog articles for your business. Or, buy two credits for a two-hour one-on-one tutorial on the importance of social media marketing.

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Clavis Credits can be used for:

+ all other Clavis Services!

20-49 HOURS


Clavis Credits can be used for:

+ all other Clavis Services!

1-19 HOURS


Clavis Credits can be used for:

+ all other Clavis Services!


Want to know more about our pay-as-you-go marketing options? What even is pay-as-you-go marketing?! We’ve got you covered with a list of answers to the most common digital marketing questions we receive.

Clavis Credits are custom digital marketing packages that you can use to purchase our services a la cart instead of committing to a specific package. You are essentially buying our time, rather than a specific service.

Clavis Credits work by buying the amount of Credits that best suit your needs and redeem for our work. It’s that simple! Not sure how many Clavis Credits you’ll need? Chat with us first and we can help you plan.

We ask you to use your credits within a year from purchase date or from the last time you used them. For example if you bought Credits on January 01 2021 and didn’t use any of them, they would expire January 01 2022. However, if you bought the Credits on January 01 2021, but used half of them on August 10 2021, your Credits would not expire until August 10 2022.

You can use custom digital marketing package on any service we offer, in the most efficient way! Services like: Social Media and/or Digital Marketing, Copywriting, SEO, Graphic Design, and even one-on-one tutorials on any of our areas of expertise! You pick what you need done and then we do it. Easy as pie (although unfortunately we don’t make pies).

Unfortunately, we cannot refund Clavis Credits at this time. However, the good news is you can apply to them to another project! With Clavis Credits, you are paying for our time, not a specific service, meaning you can use them on any service(s) we offer!

Great question! But we can’t answer until we know what type of custom digital marketing package you’re looking for. Book a free consultation (meaning, a call won’t cost any Credits!) with us to discuss scope of work for the amount of credits needed.

No worries! You can roll over credits to another project. As long as you use them before their expiry date (one year from first purchase), you can use them whenever and for whatever project you need.

Absolutely! Know someone who you think would benefit from Clavis expertise and want to gift Credits to them? Just contact us to fill us in on all the details beforehand and we’ll take it from there! And don’t worry, Clavis Credits will never be used to up-sell, pitch, or lock in anyone to one of our packages. They are 100% of value to the client, we created them because we love what we do!

Packages are for longer term goals, we work with you to grow your online presence. Clavis Credits are for specific projects, with an end-goal in mind. Packages are the marathon and Credits are the sprint.

Before buying any Credits, talk to us so we can determine exactly how much you’ll need (we’ve been doing this a long time, we have a pretty good timesheet of how long projects take). If there is still more work to be done and you’re out of Credits, we can always top up to make sure we have everything done for you.


Social Media

Digital Strategy
Gaming Consulting

Email Marketing
Paid Ads
Online Events

Esports Strategy
Software Suggestions
Team Building


Creating a digital marketing strategy for your business can be a daunting task. Going digital is no longer an option if your company wants to stay competitive. Smart Insights gave 10 reasons why companies need a digital marketing strategy and we wholeheartedly agree. Companies with a robust digital marketing strategy pull ahead and stay ahead of their competitors.

At Clavis, our team has worked with a variety of organizations to jumpstart their digital journey and improve their online presence. However, every business has its own unique needs and plans. We created Clavis Credits to give your company the flexibility to achieve your digital goals on your timelines. You’re not a cookie-cutter business, so we won’t give you a cookie-cutter solution. Use our pay-as-you-go digital marketing option to help your business succeed online.

If you want to see how we’ve helped other businesses like yours, check out some of our past work or contact us below.

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