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In Latin, “Clavis” means “key.” We want to unlock your digital marketing success.
Additionally, it also stands for cla-rity and vis-ion - two key aspects of our approach for each and every client.

Just send us a quick message - we’re happy to set up an initial meeting. We want to make sure any potential partnership makes sense for everyone involved. Most of all, we want it to work for you.
If you’re still unsure, don’t hesitate to give us a call (you won’t be charged for it). We’re happy to listen and answer any questions you might have.

Many digital marketing firms make it a goal to include as many buzzwords and jargon terms as possible when presenting their company. We focus on the opposite. You should know exactly what you are getting in plain English and how much it will cost.

In short: you get a custom package unique to your business. It is impactful, clear, understandable, and simple to implement. No headaches, nagging doubts, or panic attacks. After all, our motto is #makesocialsimple.

All sorts! We love working with companies that are full of great energy and want to change the world for the better.

Of course, we have to draw a line somewhere. Basically, it comes down to this: Clavis Social won’t work with any company that promotes hate or exclusion. Simple.

You mean, what industries don’t we work with? The beauty of digital marketing is that everyone uses it! So no matter your industry, we’ll get your strategy up and running quickly.

We’ve done significant work in the sports and gaming worlds, where we have a combined two decades’ worth of experience. We’ve also worked with clients in the Market Research, Recruitment, Healthcare, Retail and Non-Profit sectors, amongst others.

Our office dog, Frank, runs the company.

We kid. Frank’s more like a tenured professor - he entertains himself, eats and sleeps whenever he pleases, and maintains an office without getting any work done. When not in the office, Frank works as a dog model and Instagram influencer.

You can check out his latest updates here.

Social Media and Digital Marketing Questions

As award-winning marketing specialists, we’re aware that there are many pieces to your marketing puzzle. We offer social media, copywriting, SEO, email marketing, web design & development, and motion design amongst other services. We’re also partnered with a bunch of top-notch agencies to cover any other marketing needs.

Clavis keeps it simple when it comes to pricing. Our pricing packages are outlined here.

In general, most clients pick and choose the items they need and we bundle it all together. A good range for a replacement marketing team would be between $2,500-$6,000 per month or roughly 40-80% of the cost of a full time marketing employee (as per Indeed Canada).

Don’t see what you need? Together we’ll come up with a price that fits your budget, no guilt or arm twisting required.

Our fearless leaders, Nick and Sonja, oversee every project that comes through the door. They employ a hand-picked team of experts, including designers, writers, SEO geniuses and more, to ensure your projects are executed to perfection.

Frank - unfortunately - answers to no one. Sorry.

That’s up to you. We offer many options in terms of how you’d like your social accounts run. We’re happy to hand you the keys to your social media. Or, we’ll do the driving ourselves (with your expert navigation, of course).

Would the President ever launch a missile attack without Congressional approval? Considering the times we’re in... bad example.

The long and short of it is, together we’ll create a content calendar well in advance of anything going live. This involves a rigorous (but not time-consuming) vetting process requiring your approval before anything is posted. All posts will reflect and feed into your business’ values, missions and goals. If a topical or time-sensitive issue arises and needs prompt social media engagement, we’ll post on your behalf in accordance with your Clavis agreement.

Billing, Location, Extras

We keep it - yes, you guessed it - simple. For one-off projects, we’ll bill you 50% of the contract at the start, and the final half upon completion. For longer-term contracts, we require a one month deposit upfront, and then bill monthly thereafter.

You can pay with any major credit card, PayPal or Interac e-transfer. We do love kids, but we can’t accept yours in lieu of payment. Rascals.

Our home base is downtown Toronto, though we’ve worked with both clients and contractors across the world.

Our team members can often be found in coffee shops, digital marketing events, client meetings and sporting events across the city.

Oh, and Woofstock - Frank has made it a yearly tradition. Who are we to argue?

COVID-19 Note: We're currently following all physical distancing protocols and look forward to safely returning to our favourite places in the future.

You certainly can! But so you know - digital marketing can be a difficult and time-consuming medium to master. As a small business owner, you’ve got more pressing things to do, so that’s where Clavis comes in. We’ll determine what works, what doesn’t and tailor your strategy accordingly. We’ll make your business’ marketing presence the best it can be.

Once that foundation is laid and you are comfortable using these tools, social media and marketing will become much easier. At that point, we’re happy to hand the reins back to you.

Yes - giving back is very important to us! So, if you are a charity that supports/serves underprivileged and/or underrepresented communities, youth in arts or sports, or animal welfare, get in touch!

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