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Our email marketing consultants can craft an expertly written campaign to wow your audience and convert more business.

Your customers don’t want another generic email hitting their inbox, you have to stand out. It just takes one email to us to start your own email marketing campaign.


Your business may have already started building an email list, sent out a few newsletters, and maybe even tried a drip campaign. How do you take it to the next level? Can you tell if your open rates are good? What is the best day and time to send out your emails? We’ve got answers.

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Trying to find your feet with email marketing can be confusing, but it doesn’t have to be. Take a look at the most common questions we get
asked about email marketing. If you have any other questions, email marketing related or not, reach out to us! We’d love to chat.

To simplify, email marketing is the act of sending a commercial message via email. However, as you can imagine it’s a lot more nuanced than just that. Email marketing is an effective way to reach your customers (current or potential) directly in their inboxes. OptinMonster has a simple step-by-step guide to email marketing to get you started.

The short answer is, yes, your company needs email marketing. Email marketing acts as a touch point between you and your customer. Not all pieces of digital marketing has to be a sale or a pitch, but rather a reminder to your customer that you are here, offering them some value

You certainly can, but like with all tasks, the more expertise you have in something, the better that product will be. Doing your email marketing in house sometimes clouds judgement of what you want your emails to do. It’s very easy to fall into the trap of trying to sell in every email, an outside agency will help you look at more long term goals for email marketing rather than a quick sell.

There’s an art to email marketing and not just with the content and the layout. Other things you have to consider is growing your mailing list, retaining your mailing list, converting clicks, enticing open rates, and other subtleties that digital marketing agencies have spent years perfecting. We’ve already covered all sorts of trial-and-error email marketing experiments so you don’t have to!

Email marketing can take many different forms; from direct sale pitches to monthly newsletters. We will work with you to find out the type of messaging and information you want to send to your mailing lists. The end goal should always be to provide some value to the end receiver. Constant Contact’s blog on “Awesome Ways to Get People to Sign Up To Your Newsletter!” is a great starting point to learn about email marketing.

Working with you, we would design your email marketing layout. Much like social media posts, we work with designers to make sure your emails look good. We also keep up with the latest best practices so your emails will remain current and tailored to your sectors’ needs. In the case of email marketing, people do tend to judge on looks first!

This is where we come in with a plan with you. We will work in tandem with your other digital strategies to make sure email marketing plays a role. Each company will have their own unique strategy that works best for their industry, we will help you find yours by applying proven methods. Hubspot offers “29 Simple Ways to Grow Your Email List,” but the real trick lies within offering your reader something of value.

This all depends on your email marketing goals. Each company does email marketing different to suit their needs. We would work with you to figure out your goals, your audience, and come up with an adjustable schedule to fit your needs.

An open rate is how many people open your email.The click-through rate is how many people clicked a link within your email. Both a represented as a percentage. In an industry email marketing study conducted by MailChimp, the average open rate for all industries analyzed was 21.33% and the average click-through rate was 2.62%.

Depending where you live, email marketing laws will differ; we can discuss this in further when we know the details of your location. As a Canadian-based country, we strictly adhere to Canada’s anti-spam legislation (CASL).


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Having an email marketing consultant can be a very useful tool for businesses both small and large. Creating a regular email newsletter or offering a series of on-boarding emails can help ensure your brand stays at the front of a customer’s mind when they go to make a purchase.

The Rule of 7 has been long established as the average number of impressions needed before someone will trust your brand and attempt a purchase. Also, according to Hubspot’s Ultimate List of Email Marketing Stats for 2020, 99% of consumers check their email every day. This makes email marketing one of the best ways to reach your target audience on a daily basis.

Email marketing is designed to pique interest and get clicks back to your website. Our email marketing consultants can help you create a standout email marketing campaign, help with copy for a compelling newsletter, or even help you build an email marketing list. To learn more about how Clavis can help your next email marketing campaign, just send us an email!

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