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What we know about paid ads is that it doesn’t need to be rocket science for you.

We’ll set you up on Google, Facebook, Instagram, and more; leave the jargon to us, we’ll make it simple.


Advertising can be confusing when you don’t have a dedicated in-house team to set-up, optimize, and report on your campaigns. We’re available as a fractional team to guide you through the process of the digital advertising space. Minimum monthly advertising spend applies.

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Paid advertising doesn’t have to be complicated. Much like a website being based on thousands of lines of code, your paid ads campaigns are rooted in algorithms and machine learning. However, you don’t need to know computer science to order an inflatable unicorn from Amazon and you won’t need a CS degree to understand our paids ads process. Simple goals, solid results.

A paid ads campaign is any advertising that has a direct cost, versus creating content (owned), or shares, reviews, mentions (earned media). Having a combination of all three types of media is the key to a comprehensive marketing strategy.

Paid advertising is becoming more essential to a fulsome marketing strategy with each passing day. As the downward trend of organic reach grows, businesses need to find other avenues to reach their target audience. In 2020 and beyond, a complete marketing strategy will involve, owned, earned, and paid media.

Making a choice between Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and others is one that comes down to your advertising goals. We’ll help you and your team come up with a solid strategy for why you are advertising in the first place. Each platform has distinct positive and negatives depending on both your audience and advertising goals. We’d be happy to chat about your goals in more detail!

Choosing the correct ad platform depends on your target market. Where do your customers most likely start their journey? If you have a complicated product, Google is a good bet. If you are an ecommerce brand selling visually appealing products, then Instagram or Pinterest is probably the best choice for you.

Search ads might be the best choice for you but that depends on both your audience and your goals. The best way to find out if search ads are right for your business is to map out your digital strategy goals. At Clavis, we offer one off consulting calls and ongoing guidance using the Clavis Credits system.

While Google may be the King of Search Ads, Bing (owned by Microsoft) still holds 34% of desktop searches, with over 5 billion monthly searches on the Bing network. Therefore Bing can be a great option for running search campaigns either on their own or alongside a Google campaign.

Business.com suggests six key ways businesses can benefit from using paid advertising. While we are strong advocates of word of mouth and social media marketing, there is no denying that consumers turn to search engines when they have a problem. Additionally, advertising will help you reach a whole new market that you may not have previously considered.

It’s possible to start with paid ads for as little as $250 per month; however, when you factor in the cost of research, set-up, management, and optimization, it makes it difficult to see a positive return with an ad spend that low. We recommend a budget of at least two times the management fee, so you can see results from your paid ads quickly and effectively. As Henry Ford once said, “the [person] who stops advertising to save money is like the [person] who stops the clock to save time” (and, yes, we updated the quote to be more in tune with the 2020s, rather than the 1920s).

CPC or Cost per click is used in paid advertising to summarise the action of an advertising paying a publisher any time a user clicks on their advertisement. Also known as pay per click (PPC) it is one of the most common paid advertising methods.

People definitely click on ads! It’s been shown that 45% of page clicks come from sponsored ad results. PPC ads have also been shown to have a 100% ROI for most businesses.


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Pay-Per-Click campaigns, Google Search Ads, Facebook Retargeting, plus a million other jargon terms are often presented when trying to settle on a paid advertising campaign. Alongside that comes the sea of acronyms and initialisms; PPC, CPM, LTV, ROAS, CTR.

At Clavis, one of our core principles is to make our services simple and easy to understand. We know that businesses don’t necessarily need to know every minute detail of a paid advertising campaign when they are just starting out. What really matters is being able to see in plain English whether they are reaching new potential customers at a good price point.

So that’s exactly what we do with our paid ads campaigns at Clavis. All the hard work taken care of by a reliable, professional organization that can walk you through the results in a simple, accessible manner. Just click the CTA to contact us and that’s the last acronym you’ll need to know!

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