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Social Media Anxiety – who needs that? Not you! We, on the other hand, are gluttons for punishment. Offload your social media management onto us so you can, like, run your business.


Choose one of three monthly social media packages that best suit your business’ needs. If none of them fit the bill, get in touch and we’ll build one for you!

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Social media marketing can be confusing. Take a look at the descriptions to find out more details about what our packages contain. Looking for more than this? Send us a message and we’ll happily chat through all the options.

Social media account management is the management of your chosen social media accounts on an ongoing basis. We take care of your online presence so you don’t have to; you won’t have to worry about missing a post or tweeting the wrong caption ever again! Social media account management covers monitoring all your accounts, creating social posts, responding to replies and messages (community management), establishing your voice in the digital market, and other individual items that your package offers!

Traditionally, social media platforms covered include the big four: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn, but we know not all clients need/use these platforms. That’s why we’re also experienced in other services like Google My Business, YouTube, Twitch, Snapchat, Pinterest, TikTok, and have our pulse on any emerging platforms. We work with you to best determine where your audience is and the most efficient way to reach them.

Not only will we take care of your posts and scheduling, but we will also help with your account optimization for the actual social media platforms as well. Account optimization includes: a social media style guide, naming/branding conventions and consistent profile pictures, banners, bios, and contact information. We also curate your account to make sure you are following the best accounts to connect with in your online community.

A social media content calendar is like a personal diary for all your accounts! We create the calendar so you can see when each post is going out on which platforms. We work with you to build this calendar, making sure we schedule to amplify any events or milestones your company may have, important days in your industry, or general holidays and events. The calendar also acts as a checklist so you can see in full transparency what is being published to your channels.

A social media post is anything you submit over a social media platform. It can be text, an image, a repost of someone else, a link, a video, a gif, or combination; basically anything shared on your platform. Specifically speaking when it comes to Clavis, we make sure all social media posts we create for you further your company’s goals, mission, and values working with you to represent your company via social media posts.

Clavis offers graphic design of custom images for your brand to use on social media. Graphic design could cover a picture, an infographic, a blog post image, an animate post, or whatever our designers come up with! Each graphic is optimized for specific social media platforms. For instance, we would not post a Twitter image to Instagram due to sizing differences. All packages come with a graphic design plan, refer to your package highlights for specifics.

Social media community management is how you manage online relationships. Your appointed Clavis Team Member will check in on all your platforms to respond to comments or concerns, add value to the community, and build your brand across the web. Additionally, they will work with you to build guidelines of when community management needs to be elevated to someone in your office or when it can be taken care of by someone in ours.

Each contest or giveaway would be specific to your company, but we’re happy to give you a broad overview! We’d create a captivating social media contest and/or giveaways that produce new followers and leads for your business. This could include prizes for user generated content (UGC), community outreach, using influencers to sell your brand, or rewarding your followers for their loyalty. We will work with you to strategize a plan that works best for both your company, your industry, and your budget. We use third party applications to track contestant information and to keep contests and giveaways fair.

Written content is key to a good social media post. As each social media platform has certain criteria, we create each post to be unique for that platform. Meaning, we will re-write content for best optimization on each platform. This includes adhering to character caps (280 characters on Twitter), hashtag use, tagging accounts, and optimizing link sharing. You can also choose to approve all content before it’s posted, so it is written exactly the way you want it to be!

Social media montly reporting is key to understanding how social media is helping your business. Depending on your package, we will submit to you standard-to-customized monthly reports to you so you know exactly how your social posts are performing. This includes month-over-month follower growth, engagement rates, top performing posts, top interactions, and other measurable items. We also provide analytics (where possible) so we can make the best decisions to improve on your social media impact.


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The beauty of outsourcing monthly social media to us is simple, really.  Every month, your business gets a detailed plan, complete with a content calendar loaded with achievable goals, built to boost your brand and your bottomline. Our team of social media stars will do the heavy lifting on planning, creating and posting, but make no mistake – you’ll be involved every step of the way.

Together, we’ll help optimize your business’ social media presence in multiple ways on a monthly basis.  Every business is different, so we’ll come up with a strategy and a schedule for social media engagement, one that’s unique to your business. Along the way, we’ll show you the ropes in navigating the social media world. At a time where a growing number of consumers demand transparency from businesses, we’ll show you how to use social media the right way. 

True, we may technically be a “third party social media” firm, but we treat clients one way – as part of the team. Saddle up, partners!

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