Celebrating March on Social Media: A Content Guide

Hey everyone in the social media and digital marketing world!

March is almost here, bringing with it a bunch of holidays that are perfect for getting your audience engaged, showing off what your brand is all about, and maybe even doing some good for the world.

Whether it’s giving a shout-out to your team or highlighting the beauty of nature, there’s something happening almost every day that lets us connect in meaningful ways. Let’s take a look at what March has in store for us and brainstorm some fun and creative content ideas to fill up our social media calendars.

March 1 - Employee Appreciation Day

Celebrate Your Team with a Heartfelt Thank You

Content Idea 1: Share personalized thank-you cards or video messages for your team members on your stories, highlighting their contributions.

Content Idea 2: Post a group photo or a fun behind-the-scenes video of your team, accompanied by a message of appreciation from the CEO or founder.

March 3 - World Wildlife Day

Wild for Wildlife

Content Idea 1: Partner with a wildlife conservation organization and share an educational post about an endangered species, including how your audience can help.

Content Idea 2: Host a live Q&A session with a wildlife expert to discuss biodiversity and conservation efforts.

March 7 - National Cereal Day

A Bowl of Fun

Content Idea 1: Run a “Best Cereal Combo” contest, asking followers to submit their unique cereal mixes.

Content Idea 2: Share a recipe for a fun, cereal-based snack and encourage followers to post their creations.

March 8 - International Women’s Day

Celebrating Sheroes

Content Idea 1: Feature stories of inspirational women in your industry or company.

Content Idea 2: Host a virtual panel discussion with female leaders discussing challenges and successes.

March 9 - Barbie Day

Inspiring Through Play

Content Idea 1: Create a Barbie-themed photo shoot featuring your products.

Content Idea 2: Share a post on the evolution of Barbie and discuss the importance of representation.

March 10 - Ramadan Begins

A Time of Reflection and Community

Content Idea 1: Share a post wishing your followers a peaceful and blessed Ramadan.

Content Idea 2: If you have a team member observing this holiday, you can ask them if they’d like to participate in social content, potentially sharing easy-to-prepare meal ideas, their tips for healthy fasting, or another aspect of this holiday that they’d like to discuss .

March 14 - Pi Day

Celebrate the Circle of Math

Content Idea 1: Host a Pi-related trivia contest with prizes.

Content Idea 2: Share a pie recipe and encourage followers to post their Pi Day celebrations.

March 15 - World Sleep Day

Dreaming of Better Sleep

Content Idea 1: Share tips for a better night’s sleep.

Content Idea 2: Host a “coziest bedroom” photo contest.

March 17 - St. Patrick’s Day

Luck of the Irish

Content Idea 1: Share a St. Patrick’s Day-themed product or offer.

Content Idea 2: Host a virtual parade or showcase green-themed outfits.

March 18 - Global Recycling Day

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Content Idea 1: Share innovative ways your company recycles or contributes to sustainability.

Content Idea 2: Challenge followers to a week of recycling and share their progress.

March 19 - First Day of Spring

Spring Into Action

Content Idea 1: Share a spring-themed product line or photo shoot.

Content Idea 2: Invite followers to share their spring renewal practices.

March 20 - International Day of Happiness

Spread Joy and Positivity

Content Idea 1: Share what makes your team happy with a fun video.

Content Idea 2: Encourage followers to post acts of kindness.

March 22 - World Water Day

Every Drop Counts

Content Idea 1: Educate followers on water conservation tips.

Content Idea 2: Partner with a charity focused on providing clean water and encourage donations.

March 23 - National Puppy Day

Paws and Reflect

Content Idea 1: Share photos of team members’ puppies or dogs.

Content Idea 2: Partner with a local shelter for a virtual adoption event.

March 31 - International Transgender Day of Visibility

Celebrate and Support

Content Idea 1: Feature stories of transgender individuals making a difference.

Content Idea 2: Share about trusted organizations that offer resources and ways to support the transgender community.

And there you go! A bunch of ideas to fill up your March social media schedule. Keep in mind, these holidays are not just moments for content; they’re opportunities to connect, share knowledge, and motivate your followers. So, dive into your creative side, enjoy the process, and let’s turn this March into a month to remember on social media. Happy posting!

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