3 Ways How ChatGPT Can Help Your Nonprofit or Foundation Save Time and Money

3 Ways How ChatGPT Can Help Your Nonprofit or Foundation Save Time and Money text with a hands and a watch on the keyboard

Have you ever wondered how ChatGPT can help your nonprofit? We all know that the world of nonprofits and foundations can be a busy place, but lucky for us, artificial intelligence can lend a hand (or a circuit?) in ways we might not have imagined just a few years ago. 

In this blog post, we will explore three use cases demonstrating how ChatGPT can help your nonprofit save time and money. We’ll also look into data security and privacy recommendations for each case as well. 

ChatGPT can be an invaluable tool for nonprofits, foundations, and fundraisers. Let’s look at how we can use it as a powerful ally in your mission to make a difference.

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Streamlining Outreach

A philanthropic organization cannot run without communication. Nonprofits spend considerable time reaching out to prospects, donors, and volunteers, and this is the first way how ChatGPT can help your nonprofit: by crafting your messaging! You can automate the creation of personalized emails, newsletters, and social media posts, giving you and your team the time to focus on other critical tasks… like face-to-face meetings! Never miss an outreach or touchpoint, all while saving on staff hours.

3 Ways How ChatGPT Can Help Your Nonprofit or Foundation Save Time and Money text picture of a yellow typewriter

Privacy Tip: Remember, ChatGPT can help with communications, but isn’t privy to private conversations. It’s vital to ensure sensitive data, like personal contact details or financial information, is entered. Think of ChatGPT as a virtual mail carrier: it delivers messages but doesn’t need to know what’s inside the package!

Grant Writing Support

Grants are a vital part of any Foundation, but can sometimes prove challenging with limited time and resources. Another way how ChatGPT can help your nonprofit is by assisting in drafting grant proposals. While it may not have the personal touch of your seasoned grant writer, it can still provide a strong starting point: collating essential information, ensuring all requirements are met, and highlighting important criteria to include. This means fewer hours wrestling with the difficult sections of your grant submission or LOI, and more time spent making a difference.

3 Ways How ChatGPT Can Help Your Nonprofit or Foundation Save Time and Money text with a pile of paper work

Privacy Tip: Like with communications, remember that any data used for drafting grants must be anonymized or generic in nature when working with ChatGPT. Any public-facing grant information is fine to mention, but be mindful of your own private information (including names, numbers, and nuances!)

Data Analysis & Reporting

Finally, let’s talk data. Nonprofits collect a plethora of data but unless you know what it means and what it can do for you, it’s not very helpful. Good thing ChatGPT is. How ChatGPT can help your nonprofit and its data is by providing summaries, interpreting data, and making it easily digestible. You’ll have clear, understandable reports without sifting through piles of spreadsheets. With faster insights, you can make strategic decisions more quickly, increasing your impact and potential funding. And, if you like spreadsheets? It can make pivot tables for you too.

3 Ways How ChatGPT Can Help Your Nonprofit or Foundation Save Time and Money text with counting tools and data

Privacy Tip: It’s essential to remember that ChatGPT should only be used to process non-sensitive, non-personal, anonymous data. While it can make your data more understandable, it’s not meant to handle private or sensitive information.

We hope you now understand how ChatGPT can help your nonprofit. From streamlining your outreach efforts to lending a hand with grant writing, all the way to demystifying your data, ChatGPT is here to support your mission by saving you time and money.

Looking for more ways that ChatGPT, or AI in general, can help your organization? Or, want to dive deeper into use cases for your specific department? Schedule a free consultation with Clavis or, check out Clavis Cares or our Nonprofit Marketing page for more information.

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