Clavis Non-Profit Email Audit

Running a non-profit? We know how important it is to keep donors and volunteers engaged. Check out our Non-Profit Email Audit to make your email marketing the best it can be. It’s a quick download and covers all you need to know! Download our core checklist today to find out how to audit your account including:

  1. Deliverability
  2. Creative assets
  3. Copywriting
  4. Welcome series and more! 

Non-Profit Email Audit

What You Get


Fourteen core Tasks

Measure your email effectiveness with these simple checklist items covering flows to post-purchase.


Deliverability Focus

One of the most important aspects of any email account. Check your key deliverability metrics so you stay in the inbox and out of the spam folder!


Creative Guidelines

Quick tips for getting more clicks including, CTAs, mobile optimisation, and personalisation.

Non-Profit Email Audit

How do i use it?

Follow along with our checklist to simplify your email campaigns. 

Non-profit email audit

Who is this for?

This core audit is best suited for those learning the ropes of email marketing. If you are an email marketing wizard (firstly congrats!) then check out some of our more advanced resources here.

Small Non-Profits​​

If you’re wearing the hats of multiple roles within your organization, this should help save some time with email marketing.

Digital Marketing Managers

If your team has generalist marketers we can help give strategic advice on your email marketing structure and implementation.

Email Teams

Reach out to us for a more detailed audit process. We’ve got plans that suit specialist teams including our 125-point report that deep dives into all aspects of your email marketing process. 

Get your free copy today!

Grab your editable PDF today to level up your email strategy.

You Ask,
We Answer

Got questions? We’ve got answers! We’re here to address your most pressing questions about our email audit.

An email audit is used as a way to check and benchmark your email marketing campaigns. It’s used by companies of all shapes and sizes and a good audit will be worth the time it takes to complete many times over.

Larger audits are best performed on a monthly or quarterly basis. Smaller KPI checks and tests should be done weekly.

Absolutely! We’ve audited hundreds of brands in the last five years and have a variety of audit levels we can conduct. These can be one-way decks or completed as workshops with your team, you decide. Contact us today to learn more!

Of course. We’re well versed in setting up flows and campaigns of all types. If you’d like to test us out for one flow or have us become an addition to the team, we’d love to grow your brand together. Learn more here.

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