The Essential Charity Website Checklist

If you’re running a charitable organization, you understand the crucial role your website plays in both outreach and fundraising. A well-optimized website can significantly increase donor contributions, volunteer participation, and overall engagement.

Get your hands on our Essential Charity Website Checklist to ensure that your website is maximizing its potential. 

The Essential Charity Website Checklist​

What You Get


Nine core Categories

From blog pages to website integrations, our checklist provides straightforward guidelines to ensure every aspect of your website is primed for maximum impact and engagement.


Increase Engagement

From streamlining all client interactions to optimizing sign-up forms, our checklist offers actionable steps to elevate user interaction and deepen relationships with your audience.


Creative Guidelines

Quick tips for getting more clicks including, CTAs, mobile optimization, and branding tips.

The Essential Charity Website Checklist​

How do i use it?

Follow along with our checklist to simplify your website updates.

The Essential Charity Website Checklist​

Who is this for?

This core checklist is for both beginners and experts in non-profit website management. If you are looking for more in-depth information please reach out for a personalized strategy call.

Small Non-Profits​​

If you’re wearing the hats of multiple roles simultaneously, this checklist will help you save some time and quickly increase website engagement.

Digital Marketing Managers

If your team has generalist marketers we can help give clear tasks on how to improve your charity’s website and simpify implementation.

Website Teams

Reach out to us for a more detailed website process. We’ve got plans that suit specialist teams including our personalized report that deep dives into all aspects of your organization or clients’ website. 

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You Ask,
We Answer

Got questions? We’ve got answers! We’re here to address your most pressing questions about our Essential Charity Website Checklist. 

The Essential Charity Website Checklist is a comprehensive guide designed to help you optimize every aspect of your charitable organization’s website. It covers 9 core categories that include all potential pages and creative assets you may need—from blog pages to intergrations—to ensure your website is effective and engaging for your audience

By following this checklist, you can improve the user experience, making it easier and more appealing for potential donors to contribute to your cause. Better usability generally results in increased donor contributions.

Yes, the Essential Charity Website Checklist is designed to be accessible for individuals with varying levels of technical know-how. The recommendations are straightforward and actionable, providing a step-by-step guide that anyone involved in your charity can follow to improve your website’s effectiveness and engagement. Contact us today to learn more!

Of course. We have experienced web developers and web designers that are well versed in setting up charity websites. If you’d like to test us out for one page or have us become an addition to the team, we’d love to grow your brand together. Learn more here.

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