5 Ways to Boost Your Business With Interactive Marketing Content

These days, the digital competition for customers is as cutthroat as ever. But sometimes, eyeballs on a business’ website or social media channels just aren’t enough. Luckily, there is a way to keep pushing traffic to your business’ website while also increasing engagement and conversion. How, I hear you yell from the mountaintops? Interactive marketing content, that’s how!

So much marketing is text-based—text on websites, blogs, brochures etc. But in today’s advanced world of technology, gizmos and data, you can do better than just having potential customers read your content. Instead, get your customers to experience your content, and by extension, your brand. After all, 95% of buyers prefer visual or interactive marketing content, as opposed to just text-based.  

Whether you use short quizzes, longer assessments, fancy infographics or 360° videos, there are lots of ways to make your content come alive. If you’ve been thinking about ways to include interactive content in your marketing plan, get in touch with the Clavis team and we can provide a digital strategy to guarantee your content gets the attention it deserves!

Interactive marketing content quote with yellow text and a person using a VR headset

The 'Why' of Interactive Marketing Content

Don’t get us wrong—text-based marketing content does work. That said, interactive marketing content will open up whole new avenues for your business to attract and retain more customers. 

Interactive Marketing Content as a Tractor Beam 

Interactive marketing is a great way to engage potential customers, and can impact a buyer’s journey from browsing to purchase. So—maximize that impact. Not only does interactive content attract attention to your brand, it also gets customers to participate in your branded experience. This is a great way to nudge them along the journey to buying your product.

Increase Revenue

More experiential, interactive marketing doesn’t just look cool, it can boost your bottom line. An app firm launched an online calculator that allowed potential customers to get an idea of how much the app they wanted to build would cost. This form of interactive content was a hit, resulting in a 28% increase in sales in just two weeks for the company. Done correctly, this kind of marketing can be a smash hit. Not too shabby.

Sharing + Participation = Increased Brand Attention

Use interactive marketing content to get people talking about your brand. Whether you get potential customers “competing” against each other in a light-hearted quiz, or lure them in with interactive videos or podcasts, get people excited. Odds are, they’ll tell their friends and drive more traffic to your website. Update your interactive content on the regular, and you should notice an uptick in site visits and overall sales.

The 'How' of Interactive Marketing Content

There are endless ways to use interactive content to get your customers’ attention and increase your bottom line. The following is a list to get you started.

Contests, Polls and Surveys

Polls, surveys and contests are great ways to get customers to interact with your business. Polls and surveys, in both short and long-form, respectively, actively solicit feedback from your customers about a certain aspect of your business. The customer feels valued while providing your business with important information regarding buying habits, preferences, and more.  

With interactive quizzes or contests, you can indulge in customers’ competitive nature.  Offer the chance to win a discount or a gift by participating. In other words, offer some kind of reward when quizzing customers about their favourite hiking boots, music genres, types of mustard, or whatever business you run. Quizzes are great at driving engagement while familiarizing customers with your brand.

Video and Interactive Content

Video has emerged as an innovative way to produce interactive marketing content. Particularly in the use of 360° video, allowing a business to showcase new spaces, product exhibitions, or in the case of tourism companies, whole cities. With the cost of cameras capable of producing this kind of video falling, this is another unique way of creating content in order to grab your customers’ attention and increase engagement.

Repurposing Email

That’s right—email, the old standard, can be a great interactive marketing tool. According to one study, every dollar spent on email marketing generates $36 ROI as of 2022, so don’t discount it. If tailored to a recipient, email marketing can be a very successful and even intimate marketing exercise.  

Just by adding videos, gifs, graphs or clickable links, you are getting your customers to indulge your business, even if just for a moment. Don’t be afraid to have fun and get your customers to smile—they’ll remember you.

Interactive Content and Your Business

At the end of the day, every business wants its marketing content to stick in a buyer’s mind. Interactive marketing can make your brand come alive, even in the simplest ways.  Allowing customers to interact with your brand via a quiz or a fun gif—as opposed to being bombarded with cascades of marketing copy—can be a welcome respite from our text-heavy internet experience.  

Use interactivity and make your marketing content memorable. It will bring you important data and insight into consumers’ buying patterns, and allow you to further target your marketing material to give customers what they want, and to improve your bottom line.

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