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Looking for advice on how online gaming can bring new revenue to your company? Trying to figure out how your company can tap into a new demographic?

We’ve got over a decade of experience in gaming and esports, so rest assured we’ve got you covered.


If your business is thinking about the power of gaming for your brand, you’ve come to the right place. We have over a decade of  experience in gaming, esports, and iGaming; from sponsorship’s to events to consulting. We offer our gaming services, monthly, one-off, or by the hour depending on your needs.

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There is no denying that online gaming is the new powerhouse in the space competing for the attention of online viewers. Deloitte, Business Insider, and New Zoo have all spoken at length about the importance of the new online gaming and esports industry. Our team has over a decade of online gaming experience, from running events to integrating gaming into your marketing plans.

A gaming consultant can assist with a wide variety of projects. Clavis can help with coordinating influencer strategy to running a complete turnkey online event.

The world of gaming offers many exciting opportunities for both endemic and non-endemic brands. Gaming culture is community driven with very high loyalty. Getting your brand represented by a professional gamer can drive great results . Gaming offers great exposure to a demographic with disposable income and a willingness to support their favourite gamers.

Online corporate events are incredible to a part of, especially when they are executed well. We recently partnered with Deloitte and Mount Sinai Hospital to lead the digital strategy for an online fundraiser. Check out the case study here for some of the highlights.

We’ve worked with gaming influencers on their digital marketing, esports organizations on their digital and social media strategy, plus fundraising events for both non-profits and iGaming companies.

We love working with esports organizations! We’ve consulted on individuals projects and promotions plus also acted as a replacement marketing team for many small to medium sized gaming organizations.

Twitch is a video live streaming service owned Amazon. Similar to YouTube, but with a focus on live videos for real time interactions and more geared towards gamers. For you ol’timers, you may remember it originally as Justin.tv.

Live streaming (or just streaming) is a video that is recorded and broadcasted in real time. Much like a live newscast or event, streams can have a bit of a delay, but for the most part, are live.

iGaming focuses on the world of casinos and wagering. It includes poker, sports betting, and online casinos. As an industry iGaming is poised to make big leaps in popularity with an abundance of new apps and technologies pushing the industry forward in recent years.

You definitely don’t need to be a gamer to use our consulting services. Our decades of experience in gaming allows us to translate the world of gaming into an easily digestible format so you can see how it can benefit your business. One of our recent livestream events had Toronto’s Mayor John Tory take part alongside more traditional gaming organizations like Faze and Enthusiast Gaming.

No. Gaming is for people across a wide variety of demographics. According to Business Insider’s Esports Ecosystem Report 2020 the esports market is on track to surpass $1.5B by 2023. That’s a lot of arcade quarters.


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The rise of gaming and esports has been hard to miss. Red Bull, Coca Cola, Nike, Adidas, Samsung, Budweiser, BMW, and many more companies have made strides in securing partnerships and opportunities within the gaming and esports space.

Nielsen’s “Esports Playbook For Brands” discusses the importance of the gaming industry and why it is an important avenue for companies  to explore now and in  the future.We often get asked how corporate gaming can fit into non endemic (not directly linked to the gaming market) markets. The truth is, gaming is for everyone, including corporations. With a decade of esports and gaming experience, Clavis can connect your company with large, medium, and micro gaming influencers for your next campaign, sponsorship, or online event.

We recently led the strategy on a campaign with Mount Sinai Foundation and Deloitte that drew 1.7M views and an overall audience of 6M in North America. Read the full case study here or reach out to us to find out how gaming can connect your brand with a new and highly engaged demographic.

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