Half or full-day or customized digital online workshops to unlock your company’s potential.

From social media to business strategy, online events to fundraising, we’ve got you covered.

Your Team, Our Digital Experts


We offer interactive and collaborative digital online workshops, working with you to find out what your team needs help with to succeed online. We help teach your team the practical skills that will help improve your digital strategy.

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Topics we can teach:

Or, speak to us if you have a specific topic in mind!



Topics we can teach, in a more time condensed version

Or, speak to us if you have a specific topic in mind!



Want to create a curriculum specific for your organization? Or, feel the need for multi-day online workshops?

We do those too! Contact us and we can help your plan and executed a custom-workshop framework with you.


Online digital workshops are a great way to get your entire team involved with your corporate digital strategy. Having employees understand your digital strategy is just as important as them knowing the mission, vision, and values of your business. Looking for more than this? Send us a message and we’ll happily chat through our custom corporate workshops.

Think of a workshop as a Masterclass, tailored to your specific needs. The Clavis Team is a diverse group of industry experts, who want to help teach their trades. We work with you to help teach practical skills that will help your business in its day-to-day. Plus, we’ve been at this awhile and are pretty good teachers.

Here you will be taught Social Media 101. Learn about the different platforms, what they do, how to use them, demographics they reach, their limitations, what social media management systems compliment them, and how your industry uses them. Deeper dive conversations include best practices when it comes to posting, why some posts to well while others flop, and what your audience wants to (and doesn’t want to) hear from you.

Here you will learn Digital Strategy 101. In short, digital strategy is a plan that uses digital resources to achieve one or more objectives. In our workshops, we will work with you and your team to work on your digital strategy, goals, and objectives. The target of this workshop is to come up with a plan with your team so everyone can be involved with your digital strategy.

Typical subjects include teaching social media. digital strategy, copywriting, online best practices, team on-boarding, bridging generations on digital platforms, breaking myths about social media and digital strategy, and other popular topics. We also do more hands-on workshops that can range from helping your employees set up a personal Twitter account to downloading the best Google Chrome extensions to improve workflow. We work with you to find out what your team needs help with the most.

About 4 hours (that’s a joke, but it’s also true). In a half-day workshop, we will go over themes and concepts at a high-level, we can teach, demonstrate, and answer questions. In a full-day workshop, the morning portion would be dedicated the same way, with the afternoon being more committed to detailed and specific lesson plans based on your organizational needs. Not sure how long you’ll need? Chat with us first so we can help your plan.

Like many companies hit by COVID, we had to quickly adapt our own methods to adhere to the current climate. However, unlike many companies, we were actually already prepared to do so! We have run online workshops virtually over such programs like Skype, Zoom, and Google. We are well equipped (and well practiced!) to run virtual online workshops that are still interactive and engaging for audiences. The best bit? Everyone being on a computer means there is more chances for hands-on learning!

Of course! We are happy to give demonstrations or troubleshoot for any tool you may use, as long as we are familiar with it. We’d also be happy to help you select tools if you’re thinking about selecting something specific. We are not affiliated with any brands or companies, so any advice we’d give is purely on user experience and is not a sale pitch (as we do not benefit financially in any way).

We have found with past clients that these workshops actually help team members feel like they have a voice in the company; it allows your employees contribute at ground level to strategy and planning for the company that they may not be privy to otherwise. It also helps bridge generation gaps and technical learning curves between employees, as we found these workshop help people collaborate together in ways they may not normally get to in their day-to-day (we’ve seen interns help CEO’s send their first tweet).

Yes! This is actually one of our favourite things to do. An updated, proper LinkedIn profile is so important for both a company and the individual! We go through how to set up a LinkedIn profile, how to connect properly with company pages, what you can do on LinkedIn, and other topics to ease people into “professional social media.”

Employee Advocacy is having your employees be the champions of your workplace. In this specific workshop, we help employees understand how what they do online can have an impact on the company’s online presence. This includes sharing company news, liking and reacting to posts, following corporate profiles, and making company social media more, well, social!


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Corporate workshops can be an efficient and time-saving way of leveraging the power of social media and digital marketing for your business. Over the course of a few hours, we can give your company all the tools needed to start and enhance your digital journey. The workshops are also useful in getting all your employees involved in using social media for business purposes.

We offer full-day and half-day corporate social media workshops, or you can customize your own. During which your whole team will become adept at using social media in easy and practical ways, from updated LinkedIn profiles to developing content calendars. As per Influencer Marketing Hub, “58.8% of employees in a formal employee advocacy program spend greater than 5 hours per week on social media for business use.”

Clavis Workshops are an excellent way to help your team learn everything there is to know about social media. We’re experienced in creating fun and engaging workshops, involving everyone from intern to CEO. And remember – there are no dumb questions!

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